Traditional And Western Culture in Goa

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Posted on Sep 15, 2016

Goa: Unique Blend Of Traditional & Western Culture 

Other than beaches, churches and adventure, Goa is also popular for its unique lifestyle. Goa represents an amazing amalgamation of traditional and western cultures. This is why, Goa is one of the major hotspots for tourists in India. From dances to music, religions to fairs and festivals, all of them renders a perfect blend of different cultures and traditions in Goa. The rich heritage and culture of Goa colorfully illustrates the unity in diversity. As the people of this state belongs to different community but respects each others’ traditions and customs equally.

Goa exhibits different traditions and customs in the form of attire, fashion, festivals, cuisines and art & craft. A lot has been inherited from Portuguese that has a great western influence on Goa. Be it the western clothes such as skirts worn by women or any other western dress. But, the traditional dress of Goa is saree with jewellery.

Goa is a state the has a conglomeration of tradition, classic and western music. A wide variety of music genres are used such as jazz, techno and western classics. The same music is played in parties and restaurants, keeping up with the lively spirits of Goa.

When it comes to food, the people of Goa culturally loves to eat fish and curry. But the place also offers number of mouth watering western cuisines such as pork, mussels, lobster etc. So, tourists will get to witness good mix of traditional and western varieties of Goan cuisines.

Goan dance forms is a combination of Indian and western style. As a result, various fusions of dance forms have evolved in Goa. Different types of dances are performed according to different festivals and occasions. Dekni is one of the traditional dance forms that is performed on mix song of both ethnical and contemporary. Folk dances are also performed at cruises for entertaining the travelers.

Celebration of different festivals by Hindus, Christians and Muslims with great enthusiasm represent uniqueness of Goan festivals. Some of the most celebrated festivals are Christmas, Sao Jao festival, Ganesha Chaturthi and St. Francis Day etc. Visitors also involves in celebrations to enjoy the festive moments of Goa.

Thus, Goa is a perfect holiday destination to witness unity in diversity and is a must visit place for everyone at least once in a lifetime.

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